Traveling all over the world is something that everyone wants to do at one point in their life or another. However, everyone has a different reason to travel. If you are on the lookout for amazing beers than we have an interesting list of cities that you might want to visit in your travels.

While we won’t be naming all the cities we would suggest as the list would be 10 pages long, we can tell you that the best way to visit as many of them as possible is with the beer tour bus that usually takes a tour of about 10+ cities when they go touring the country or the continent.

Without further ado here are the top 4 cities you should visit on your beer tour

  1. Rome, Italy

Rome, ItalyItaly the place of the renaissance era is also a famous city for lager lovers. Their craft beer scene has become one of the most recognized in all of Europe. In the Open Baldini, you will be able to taste around 40 different beers both from the tap and from the bottle.

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland

As you might know, Scotland is a nation of many lager lovers, and Edinburgh is a city that lives and breathes beers from their famous pubs. The famous Heriot Watts international center of brewing and distilling creates beers like you would not taste in any other place. The Camras champion beer competition and the Scottish ale festival are places where every beer lover should be at least once in their life.

  1. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, IrelandIreland is another country famous for their pubs, especially the world-famous Irish Pubs. Dublin is the center of creation when it comes to Irish pubs and one of the cities every beer lover should visit as soon as possible. Once you get lost here look for the beer market, the black sheep and the against the grain places. The best part of Dublin is that you don’t need to drive, it’s a city made for getting drunk and walking it off. Also, don’t forget that the Guinness factory is here so might as well get lost there for a few hours.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech RepublicPrague is one of the most beautiful cities you will visit in your life, both as a regular tourist and as a beer lover. For the regular tourist, you can see an old gothic style of architecture, but you will find that beer here is cheaper than water in restaurants and in pubs. The Pilsner Urquell is one of the beers you must try, and the Staropramen is their traditional beer that gets exported all over the world. However, if you want to try the real beers in Prague, then you have to go for the microbreweries and the lesser known beers as they will surprise your taste buds to no end.