Top Three Countries To Visit In 2018

Are you ready to explore the world? Well, if you are, now is the right time to start. There are so many destinations out there that will blow your mind and make you think differently about other cultures and nations. If you are wondering how to travel the world, then we have top three countries you should visit this year.

South Korea

South KoreaThis is the fastest growing country since the Second World War and a modern playground for many companies. In 2017, Seoul, the capital of South Korea, got a new facelift. They opened a new high-line park with cafes, bars, and libraries along with a disused elevated highway. You don’t have to focus only on capital because South Korea has so much to offer. People are friendly and welcoming towards foreigners, and this is one of the most disciplined cultures in the world. You can experience their delicious food and visit some of the most prestigious cultural heritage sites.

New Zealand

New ZealandLong before this land became famous for Middle-earth, New Zealand began attracting adventure-seeking tourists. The best features of New Zealand are indeed its wildlife and stunning landscape. You can explore the country’s topography and take a Great Walk through a wilderness. If you are a more relaxed type, then you can spend your time in many resorts, or visit the capitol. We are sure you will spend lovely vacation exploring this fantastic culture and meeting locals and natives.


Malta has a long history and a lot of prehistoric temples, which makes this country a unique in Mediterranean archipelago. You can explore 17th-century fortifications stalk the coats and a warren of tunnels, from catacombs to air-raid shelters that are located deep underground. MaltaThis cultural heritage has been here for centuries and represents a unique structure that has an essential role for all European nations. If you visit Malta, then you can expect a lot of baroque, pop and international film festivals, plus contemporary art exhibitions. Not to mention the proximity of the sea and beaches, which many people are looking forward to visiting.