Packing Tips

When it comes to packing, many people bring more things they will need, which only makes a mess in their hotel room. We are always skeptical about the clothes and shoes, and many of us think, the more things we bring and better will be. Unfortunately, this has proven to be a wrong practice, and we only end up paying oversized baggage. But, don’t worry we are going to show you some packing hacks that will save you space and a lot of money.

The bag matters

The-bag-mattersEven though suitcases are very popular, we recommend you ditching it and going for a backpack or a bag, depending on your stay. They are just easier to maneuver and if you are traveling to multiple climate zones. So, when you are preparing to pack, think about the luggage and what type of bag you will bring with you. Keep in mind to use one that will maximize your space and allow you to bring all the necessary items. In this case, the bag size matters and people tend to carry stuff they’ll never use. So, make sure to pack the essentials, everything else will be in your way.


Packing cubes are an excellent way to pack for each day if you want to be organized. They also keep your stuff from being wrinkled, which seems to happen always the one you dig through your bag to find new clothes to wear. One of the simplest hacks is to put the more massive things at the bottom of your bag or suitcase; this includes shoes and toiletries. The weight will be at the bottom, and it will be easier to roll the bag through an airport. Don’t go crazy with the shoes and only bring comfortable sneakers and flipflops because you will need them if you plan to explore the new place.

clothesWear your bucket list clothes

This is a beneficial method when learning how to pack. In this case, it means to wear the bulkiest clothes and shoes while traveling; this will save you a lot of luggage space and don’t bring more than two pairs of shoes because you won’t need them. Many people make a mistake when they carry too much stuff they never end up wearing. After all, in a couple of days you will be back home, so you don’t have to bring your entire closet with you.