Top Four Things To Do In New York

When researching what to do in New York, it’s easy to get carried away because this city offers you so many possibilities. It attracts millions of tourists all over the world with its renowned art museums, famous attractions and let’s not forget the long list of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. Whether you are living or having a vacation, here are the best things to do in nyc.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn-BridgeBrooklyn Bridge is one of the landmarks of New York City. It took 14 years build it and 600 workers, including the original designer, died during the construction. This bridge stands proudly since 1883, and thankfully the NYC Department of Transportation removed hundreds of love locks that were attached to the bridge. In this way, they protected its status as a historic landmark. If you ever come to NYC, don’t miss a chance to visit Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy the view from this popular tourist site.

Chery blossom festival

The Sakura Matsuri, or cherry blossom festival, is a popular event at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. This specific part of Japanese culture brings a unique touch to New York and many people enjoy it. When the winter finally starts to thaw in early April and with the first rays of light and warm temperatures cherry blossom trees began to green. Sakura-MatsuriMany locals and foreign tourists like to attend this event because Japanese culture is in some way closer to the Kabuki dance and tea ceremonies. This a breath-taking view and we are sure you will enjoy it, considering cherry blossom spreads as far as your eyes can see.

Central Park

You cannot visit this city without going to Central Park. This is a favorite sightseeing place for many tourists. But, we found a way to make it even more interesting. You can use an app to go “geo-catch” around Central Park. The app will provide you coordinates and clues to locate the hidden content. The Geocaching app only cost $9.99, and it has a lot of games that will take yours around the park.


ManhattanFor two night every year, the sun aligns precisely with Manhattan’s street grid, and it’s a spectacular view you shouldn’t miss. It happens once at the end of May and again in mid-July. The entire street is light in orange, and Nile deGrasse Tyson described this extraordinary phenomenon.