Industry update from a bud-tender at the Stash Club: A local online dispensary

So, have you been visiting all the different craft breweries around Vancouver, maybe even driving down to Portland or Seattle for your own personal craft beer-cation. Well there is another industry on the rise, Craft Cannabis or also known as Artisanal Marijuana. This industry is getting a lot of attention and not only by stoners. The innovation and craftsmenship that exists in BC’s marijuana industry is world class. If you aren’t a regular pot user, there are numerous healthy and different ways of getting high…. or not high (using CBD for example) If you don’t like smoking and would rather eat/ingest your weed, there are edibles in all assortments from lollipops to brownies and I just heard about a hot sauce infused with THC. Times are sure a changing. If you like smoking, but hate rolling or stinky roaches, the vape is your best bet. There are dozens of BC companies coming out with easy to use pre-filled vape pens that contain a super concentrated weed extract, usually called ‘Shatter’. These pens are great options for the new age smoker, plus the taste is amazing. Working at Stash Club has given me access to some of these cool products and not to mention amazing marijuana strains. One of the my favourites was this really cool looking strain called Purple Space Cookies. It was a light purple / grey colour and super crystally. It smelled like a combination of blueberries and blackberries, so delicious. As this new industry moves towards a recreationally legal landscape I can only imagine what new and exciting products will be coming out of this part of the world. Remember, smoke, vape, and ingest responsibly. Cannabis is a powerful plant and should be taken with caution, and never should be used by anyone under the age of 19. Driving or using heavy machinery is dangerous while high on Cannabis.

*This article was written by an employee of Stash Club, there website is

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